Does the MXR DJ Mixer Series have an internal sound card?

All the MXR DJ Mixer has its own internal sound card with a number of outputs (Stereo master Stereo zone and headphone OUT). An additional soundcard is not necessary.

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Can the Mixer be used as an audio mixer without a PC/Mac?

The MXR Mixer can also be used as a full, stand-alone DJ audio mixer without a PC with up to 4 analog line inputs. With two of these inputs the input section can be alternated between phono/line.

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How many virtual software decks can be controlled?

If you use the Virtual DJ PRO Software up to 4 virtual decks can be controlled. W the Virtual DJ LE Software only 2 virtual decks.

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Does the MXR Mixer Series work with timecode CD/Vinyl?

Yes, but in order to use TC CD/Vinyl from Native Instruments or Serato you have to have their soundcards connected to your system. The internal soundcard of the MXR  Series is not licensed for the use with NI Traktor or Rane Serato

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What software is included?

The MXR Mixer Series is bundled with Virtual DJ 7 LE. The supplied Virtual DJ 7 LE Version has no time limitation. Updating to Virtual DJ 7 Pro Full is not free of charge. You'll find the feature list of VDJ 7 Pro Full here.

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Does it work with Serato?

No, we are working on it. We have no date for this.

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